WELCOME to Major Wager Locks!


So what is there to know about us? Well we are a team of two handicappers with a combined 26 years of betting experience. We used to be Las Vegas oddsmakers so we know how to spot bad lines and take advantage of them! Now we are sharing our sucesses and profits with you so that  you can stop being like the 99% of sports bettors out there losing money!


We have the inside edge having had the experience of setting lines each and every day in Las Vegas. It's time to flip the script on Vegas and utilize our knowledge to build your bankroll and take down your bookies!


You're probably thinking this is going to cost a lot of money huh? Think again. When you look at our prices I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. Why are we able to charge so little? The answer is simple. We have an over 90% retention rate from our clients. Once clients choose Major Wager Locks they tend to stay with us for a very long time. No need for us to be expensive, no need to raise prices. We are here to help YOU cash in.


Finally the two of us bet every single selection we send out to you as well. Every night we have one MAJOR WAGER LOCK, hence the name. This is our single best play of the day designed for maximum profits! Historically these have been hitting at close to an 85% success rate!!


Welcome to Major Wager Locks let's break your bookies together!


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